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Department Services - Transportation Department

We bus students to and from school each day, provide special needs transportation, and accommodate all extracurricular and activity trip busing needs. The safety of your children is our top priority as we strive to carry out the duties and responsibilities related to district transportation. This department supports all of our district transportation needs.


Ambrocio Nieto 
Maintenance and Transportation Director 
(928) 683-2225 x139

For the Safety of our Children

Good safety habits must be used when riding a school bus. And, of course, these rules apply to field trips and sports trips as well as transportation to and from school. Please take time to review the district bus and van regulation and reviewing them with your child.

  1. Be at the bus stop on time.
  2. Remain seated while bus/ van are in motion.
  3. Obey the driver.
  4. No body parts out the window.
  5. No throwing things out the window.
  6. No fighting, roughhousing, or unnecessary noise.
  7. Aisles must be kept clear.
  8. Emergency exits and equipment are only for emergency use.
  9. Wait until the bus stops and the doors open to exit.
  10. Look both ways before crossing the road.

Written permission must be turned in to the office for any change in bus usage. Guest riders must be approved through the office.