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Elementary Pre-k-8

Welcome to Gila Bend's Elementary 

Welcome to the Gila Bend Elementary page, We invite you to check out the school calendar for upcoming events and holidays.

Our Office Staff:
Elementary Principal:
Marisol Silva
(928) 683-2225 ext. 122

Dean of Students
Jesus Rubalcava
(928) 683-2225 ext 117

Elementary Office Secretary:

(928) 683-2225 ext. 111

Pre-K-12 Health Aide:

(928) 683-2225 ext. 115 


Our Teachers and Staff Members:

Jossie Labutong
Preschool Teacher
    Sol Aceron
Preschool Teacher
    Esther Negrete Cansino
Preschool Paraprofessional
    Yslaila Alvarez
Preschool Paraprofessional
    Khenn Mosquera
Kindergarten Teacher
    Lalani Noragoda Withanage
Kindergarten Teacher
    Kendy Cerilo
1st Grade Teacher
    Betty Halverson
1st Grade Teacher
    Myra Asong
2nd Grade Teacher
    Gemmafe B. Asequia
3rd Grade Teacher
    Maria Gordo
3rd Grade Teacher
    Marjorie Obsioma
4th Grade Teacher
    Grover Asequia
ELL 4/5 Combo
    Cheryl Pango
5th Grade Teacher
    Dexter Laguda
6th Grade Teacher 
    Girlie Banalo
Art Teacher
    Rose-An A. Balagulan
Sped K-12

    Jowella Ayuyon
Special Education Teacher
    Lionel Manomano 
P.E (Lower Grades)
    Jamie Yazzie
Preschool Professional
    Joselyn Pilone
     Cedell LaClair